POV-Ray and volume ray tracing?

POV-Ray and volume ray tracing?

Post by Reto Korad » Mon, 01 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Has anybody ever tried (or thought of trying) to incorporate volume
ray tracing into POV-Ray? Could anybody think of problems why this
could not be done? I haven't implemented any kind of ray tracing
so far, but I have a good idea how "classical" ray tracing works,
and a somewhat vague one about volume ray tracing. So I'm not sure
whether the two things bite each other, or whether it would be as
simple (is it simple?) as introducing a new object type into POV-Ray.

While we're at it, if anybody knows about good freely available
volume ray tracers, I'd appreciate getting pointers.


1. ANNOUNCE(POV-Ray): Ray tracing of trimmed rational surfaces


  I would like to announce new unofficial version of POV-Ray 3.02. This version
extends latest POV-Ray by ability of ray tracing trimmed rational (bezier)
surface patches. In addition it renders current "bicubic_patch" nearly at same
speed as method from official POV-Ray 3.02 but it does not require big ammount
of precomputed data. You can download source code of this patch from:


  There are also binaries for Linux and MS DOS(compiled with DJGPP v2). Please
send me your comments, advices or reminders. Also I would like to see beautiful
pictures which you render with this version.


ps: if you are interested in algorithm I use than look at: Tomoyuki Nishita,
Thomas W. Sederberg and Masanori Kakimoro: Ray Tracing Trimmed Ratinnal Surface
Patches [proceedengs of SIGGRAPH '90; Computer Graphics, vol 24, Num 4, August

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