QuickTime/AVI Encoder

QuickTime/AVI Encoder

Post by Hans-J”rg Friede » Sun, 23 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Hi there!

I am looking for a program to create QuickTime or AVI movies, with
source, for a unix platform (preferably BSDI/386). Does anyone know where
I can find something like that?

Please reply via EMail. Thanks.

TIA, Hans-Joerg.

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1. Quicktime to MPEG encoder!

Dear qt2mpeg for the Mac users,

Now the qt2mpeg package is out for one month now. I only got one
report about an unknow problem. I didn't had time to look into it very
depth. I was the last 4 weeks on vacation so I now want to start with
a new version and for that I need your help.

Please send me all problems you have found or suggestion you like to

your assistance to improf the package to be more usefull.

Here is a list of know problems I found during my test to produce real
MPEG with a VideoSpigot and Adobe Premiere 1.0 and of cause qt2mpeg.

1. The qt2YUV... converter will crash because each qt to YUV convertsation
   will eatup a little amount of RAM. A short term solution should be
   to give the converter as mutch RAM you during conversation. Hint
   if you convert 192x144 picture each picture will need 192x144 = 27648
   Bytes. So with 17 MByte RAM you can convert only 644 frames.

2. The qt2YUV converter will move the picture it displays in the controll
   window during conversation when using the VideoSpigot internal
   compression format, but the files which the program writes to the
   harddisk are correct.

Now tips for producing MPEG with good quality:

1. Don't use Quicktime compressed (Compact and Video) videos as sources
   because this will result in a bad picture quality and a bad compression

2. Best point to start are movies in component video format (Quicktime 1.6
   and higher), no compression or VideoSpigot files. Maybe JPEG will also
   get good results.

3. Use if possible 382x288 for PAL source or 320x240 for NTSC source movies.
   Smaller size seems to produce a not so good quality. Your movies should
   have good contrast and shouldn't include to dark colors. Otherwise the
   standard compression shema will produce visible errors in the resulting

OK thats it for now. Waiting for your comments,

Rainer Menes

ftp-site: suniams1.statistik.tu-muenchen.de ( /pub/mac/MPEG/encoder

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