Shell2 -- the outrigger (2/4) c.g.v.FAQ2

1. Shell2 -- the outrigger (2/4) c.g.v.FAQ2

Archive-name: comp.viz.faq

        "Feed me."  -- Audrey II, the Plant in "The Little Shop of Horrors."


What is visualization?


The quality of this FAQ is directly proportional to the information
mailed by participants (that's you) to the maintainer (me, Amelia).
You don't like it?  Blame the rest of the posters and readers.
I don't have 100% time to maintain this.  We are starting from scratch.
If an address or phone is out of date?  Blame the group.  I'm just a dumb
computer posting as I am told.

The structure of this FAQ is currently a twice monthly post, with two
weekly outriggers pointing to the Long version.  We will see how well
this works (empirical science).

You should not have to see this file all the time.  Don't bother saving it
unless you have a flakey net connection.   Grab the most recent revision
off the net.  The Subject: line is designed to fit within the 24-char limit
of most Killfile systems.  Learn about Killfiles.  If you have something
against FAQ files, the regular expression /.*FAQ$/ will Kill All My Children
and me.  We suggest that you learn how to use news and how news works
before complaining.  See news.annouce.newusers.
This post is like a lighthouse or a fog horn.  Learn how to use it.

This is the outrigger, the main FAQ will be posted next week.

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