Generic Scanner Software

Generic Scanner Software

Post by Jeff » Fri, 30 May 1997 04:00:00

Can anyone recommend a solid, generic scanning software package that can
be used for various models? I'd like to get a scanner here in Japan and
use an English software package instead of the packaged Japanese



1. Generic Scanner Copying Utility

I have an HP scanner that came with a handy litle copying utility that
makes it easy to use your scanner and printer as a makeshift copy machine.
I also use it when I need to fax hardcopy. Instead of scanning to a file
and then having to open that file in some program to print it, the HP copy
utility just prints (or faxes) a copy. Yes it's slower than either a
dedicated copier or a fax machine, but it's still simple to use.

A friend wanted a scanner mainly for faxing but instead of getting one of
the scanners I recommended (the Paperport-like ones) she bought a Mustek
flatbed. It did not come with a quick and easy copy utility.

Anyone know of a copy utility that can be used with a Mustek scanner? The
HP copier app wouldn't recognize her scanner.

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