GIF files and anonymous uucp -- HELP!

GIF files and anonymous uucp -- HELP!

Post by Malus Domin » Fri, 02 Feb 1990 02:03:00


        I've downloaded a meg or so of gif pictures from the ftp site at
hubcap.  I used the binary mode of transfer, just as I was reminded to.
Once I got them on my site, I zmodem and ymodem downloaded them using
everything to straight d/l to binary to 16 instead of 32 crc onto both
a Mac II running Giffer and a Apple //c running IIGIF.  Both of them acted
the same.  On the Mac II, the file starts loading, then beeps a few times,
tells me to wait and watch for the picture, and abou 12 lines of it come
up -- in proper color, and it is done.  Not good.  Similarly, on the //c,
A few (12 or so) lines are printed and seem ok, then the screen changes
to text and the letters "MMC" are printed in the middle of the screen.
It seems apparent to me that I've done SOMETHING wrong in getting them from
the ftp site.  Has anybody gotten them to work?  How?

        (BTW, the same thing has happened with the gif pix I got from the
ftp site that has the anime pictures on it (each called A7G29.GIF or some
such mash of letters and numbers...))

                I'll summarize any responses that help me get this sorted out.


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