Driver for Hitachi Tablet

Driver for Hitachi Tablet

Post by Peter La » Fri, 17 Sep 1993 09:41:39


I am looking for (well, for a friend anyway) a driver for a

                        HITACHI HDG-1111B

graphics tablet.  If you have one/can get one/can tell me where to ftp one
I (and he) would really appreciate it if you could send me the info.
Please send via email as I didn't know this group even existed before
today let alone follow it . . .    :)



1. Windows driver for Hitachi digitizer tablet?

I have an older Hitachi HDG 1111B digitizer tablet that did not come with any
drivers, and I'd like to use it with some Windows programs like Illustrator, Photostyler, and other paint or drawing programs.  I do not know where to start
looking for drivers or someone who has used this table with Windows.  Can
anyone out there help me?


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