FTP Site for 3D objects now OPEN!

FTP Site for 3D objects now OPEN!

Post by Francisco X DeJes » Sat, 31 Oct 1992 08:21:15

Ok... it's set up and ready to go! The address to go to is:

avalon.chinalake.navy.mil       (

There won't be much on it to start with (we've put all our local stuff
plus what I was able to find thru the usual ftp/archie searches). Anything
you have to offer, please upload. I'm sure everyone will appreciate it!

Below is the README file from the archive:
This is the README file for the anonymous ftp server avalon.chinalake.navy.mil
We are running the experimental ftp server software developed by Chris Myers.

This ftp site was created to be a 3D object "repository" for the net. We
archive 3D object files in various formats, utilities to convert between
the different formats (among other things), and documents explaining the
file formats for those daring enough to write their own converters (which
we hope they will share with everyone else by uploading them here). This
site was created because there was a need and demand for a centralized
place to get objects. We do not carry PD renderers because those are
already archived elsewhere. See the file pub/FAQs/graphics-resource-listing
for more information on where to find them.

We are running this server on an overworked Sun SparcStation. People need
to use this machine M-F from about 7am to 6pm (PST), so if you can, please
limit big transfers to times outside this schedule.

Everything is in /pub. Directories there include:

        pub/FAQs          FAQ documents from the comp.graphics newsgroups
        pub/format_specs  Documents that explain the different 3D object
                          file formats available.
        pub/incoming      Directory for incoming stuff. See below.
        pub/misc          Anything that doesn't belong anyplace else.
        pub/objects       3D object files. Subdirectories exist for
                          different formats.
        pub/utils         Any utilities that help manipulate, view or
                          convert between the different object formats.

The pub/incoming directory is where you can put any new stuff you wish to
add to the archive. We check this directory for new files, sort them out,
and put them away in the other directories on a regular basis. This archive
is what only as good as what people upload, so if you know of something you
think we should have here, go ahead and upload it!

The file pub/INDEX is a listing of the archive directories. For now it will
just be in "ls -lR" format, but we hope to include descriptions in there
sometime in the near future.

Please refer all questions/problems/suggestions and comments regarding this


...so there you are. I just got the file format description for the .obj
files. It's in the /pub/format_specs directory. There are PostScript and
ASCII versions available. If anyone has or can write OFF <-> Wavefront .obj
converters they would be most appreciated! Happy ftp'ing...  


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FTP Site for 3D objects now OPEN!

Post by Don Britta » Sat, 31 Oct 1992 23:49:46

From the recent discussions in these news groups, it appears that many of
you are not aware that the Wavefront .obj file format now supports NURBS
and other free-form surfaces (complete with t* and holes), in addition
to its traditional polygonal object description syntax.  The current version
of Wavefront's Advanced Visualizer (v 3.0) is capable of tesselating these
high-order surfaces and writing out the resulting polygonal databases, complete
with analytic surface normals, merged edges, etc.  (Or, alternatively, the
software can maintain the high-order surfaces intact throughout the animation
and rendering process.)

Anyway, the .obj spec that includes surface descriptions is now available
via anonymous ftp from avalon.chinalake.navy.mil ( in both
postscript and ASCII format.  Since the spec includes a fair number of
equations that describe the curve and surface mathematics, and these only
appear in the postscript version, I highly recommend you get that file
for review.


FTP Site for 3D objects now OPEN!

Post by Madhu Ba » Fri, 13 Nov 1992 11:51:14

If you know of an algorithm/code that takes
a polygonal mesh and breaks it into convex polyhedra
I would be most interested.  Please email:

thanx, madhu


FTP Site for 3D objects now OPEN!

Post by Darren Bur » Sat, 14 Nov 1992 21:45:45

For some reason, my site never received the original posting with the
subject "FTP Site for 3D objects now OPEN!" -- it did however receive
a follow-up to it.

If it's true that the FTP site is open, could somebody give me the
information that was in the original post (ie. the site address and
directories and such).

Darren Burns


FTP Site for 3D objects now OPEN!

Post by R5321.. » Sun, 22 Nov 1992 06:23:11

------------------------- Original Article -------------------------
Lines: 2

Can someone tell me how can I view those 3-d files the had an extention of
 obj?  Many Thanks.

obj is the model format from the program Wavefront which runs on Unix
workstations. I use in on the Tektronics XD8830 and the DEC 5000. It also
runs on SGI machines.

/Patrick Maun
/Hochschule fuer Angewandte Kunst
/Vienna, Austria



Hello. It seems that there are always people here asking for information
on such sites, but there appear to be very little responses. Is there
any such site avaliable... a "central" site for 3D object models and

If there isn't, we may just start one. We do a lot of work here using
Wavefront on SGI and HP machines, and already have a good number of objects
that we can make available for ftp. However, we don't want to have another
of the many sites out there with just a handful of files - that's the way
it is now and good stuff is scattered all over the net and is hard to track
down. So, if there is interest, we are willing to start up an anon ftp site
that will specialize in 3D graphics - object files (databases, libraries),
converters, utilities, textures... mostly for Wavefront but we'd be willing
to support others as well.

So... is there interest? Is there already such a site out there I don't know
about (so I don't have to waste my time doing this - instead, we'd be willing
to contribute what we have in order to centralize things)? Post, or respond by

OBdisclaimer: No promises or guarantees!

disclaimer: "Opinions expressed here are mine. Typos and errors are all yours."

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