I want those neat ASCII graphics that you have!

I want those neat ASCII graphics that you have!

Post by Jeff A. Dilch » Sat, 16 May 1992 09:26:01

Hi folks,
I collect ASCII graphics files, and would like for any readers to send
me they/re favorite ascii images via email.  If there is sufficient
interest, maybe I could compile these in a post that all could see.

I realize that ASCII graphics aren't very "high tech", but they are a fun
way to dress up your communications and correspondences.  Many thanks in
advance to those thoughtful enough to share their favorites with me!



  Jeffrey A. Dilcher                                   Atlanta, GA, USA

      NSS #25914                                       II Peter 1:10,11


1. Wanted: neat objects made of spheres in ASCII

        I'm looking for scene definition files in ascii of complex or interesting
objects built from spheres.  I wrote a little ray tracer that does spheres
and planes with anti-aliasing, marble, checkerboard, you can define standard
kinds of properties to things, etc.

        But all I have are hand-made lame pics called "red planet with reflecting
moon above checkerboard universe" etc.  I'd like to show off my program with
a dinosaur or a space shuttle made out of spheres.  The data hopefully would
be in a simple format that I could convert using macros to my format which
is for example:
                (radius 8.0)
                (xyz -9 -2 0)
                (rgb 1 1 1)
                (reflect 0.8)
                (gloss 40)
                (specular 1)
                (diffuse 1)
                (perlin 0)
                (xyz -40000 -200 -2000)
                (rgb 1 1 0)


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