PSP6 and jasc's Videotrope 1.0

PSP6 and jasc's Videotrope 1.0

Post by cobb » Sun, 07 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Is anybody working with these two programs to batch images into animations.

1. Corel Elements, Jasc's Webdraw 1.0

Just reading today in the June 2002 'The Computer Paper'  page 20 that
Corel is getting into the essentials business too. TCP is a Canadian
publication, advertiser supported,  that is influential up here. There
are 8 regional variations of it. Quoting snipets:

"Corel PhotoPaint 10 also has a new low end alternative, Corel
Essentials. It is essentially PhotoPaint 9.0 with added interfaces for
digital cameras and devices"
"Corel's new software will debut later this year" [no prices given]
"The good news from Corel is that its graphics software will be one of
the first applications supporting the new, super compact JPEG 2000
graphic file format."  


Also from the same issue, page 30, Jasc WebDraw 1.0 gets a sizable
write-up, with screen shots, from the Editor, David Tanaka. He is a
legitimate computer voice.

"If scalable vector graphics (SVG) turn out to be a big a deal as
Internet seers anticipate, WebDraw has a bright future. Jasc WebDraw
is the first dedicated SVG editor we've looked at, and it has been a
blast to use.  We found it very easy to produce simple vector graphics
and animations, and the program's straightforward interface encouraged
us to tackle more complex projects."


Just for your info, I have no particular view of these two products
myself. (In fact I thought *all* vector graphics were scalable.)


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