Animation Contest 94 *Update*

Animation Contest 94 *Update*

Post by Jim Quaschni » Fri, 30 Dec 1994 13:29:07

                   ** ANIMATION CONTEST 94 **
                          ** UPDATE **

        Due to popular demand, or at least quite a few requests,
the deadline for entering your animations in the "Animation
Contest 94" has been extended.  The new and final deadline is
December 31, 1994.

        Anyone considering entering the contest should send
there entry in as soon as possible.  Please don't wait until the
last minute.  This makes things harder on us.  It also makes
shipping your tape to us more expensive for you (having to send
next day air etc.)

        We have received alot of very nice looking and creative
animations and would like to thank everyone that has sent in
entries up to this point.  We will be sending confirmation
letters to all of you letting you know that we have received
your entries. If anyone would like to know right away just ask
us through E-Mail at the internet address below.

        We still have plenty of room left for more animations/
entries so if you are having thoughts about entering and
would like FREE ADVERTISING for yourself and/or your company
then send in your entry/s now.  Your entry could be anything
from flying logos to mini-movies, whatever you want.

        This contest is completely free to enter.  There
are absolutely no hidden charges whatsoever.  All you need
to do is put your animations to tape, and send us a copy.
For those of you not able to get your animations to tape but
would like to enter the contest, we are helping as many people
as we can by having them send their data by floppy disk or by
modem and putting it to tape for them.  If you are interested
in doing something like this (and have no way to get your
animations to tape) send us some E-mail and let us know your
situation.  We will do the best we can to help.

        For complete rules and information on the contest or for
specific questions or comments we can be reached at the internet
address below, or call us voice to have the information sent
by mail.

     Thanks again to all the people that have sent in entries, and
for everyone that hasn't yet, you better hurry, times running out!

                     New and final Deadline
                   *** December 31, 1994 ***

          For more information, questions or comments:

                     Animation Contest 94
                       Jim Quaschnick

                   Voice: (209) 277-1188