Radius Precision Colour vs. SuperMac 17t

Radius Precision Colour vs. SuperMac 17t

Post by SIT ANDR » Fri, 25 Nov 1994 01:30:39

        I'm considering the purchase of either the Radius Precision Colour 17"
or the SuperMac 17t.  Has anyone had any experiences with either of the above,
particularly on a PowerMac 7100 AV?  I'm particularly interested in CAD and
multimedia work.

(for the record, I've had nothing but bad luck with Radius and their support
of the Radius Precision Colour Pivot.  6 months after the purchase I've been
informed it's incompatible with AV Powermacs and now i'm on the market for
a replacement...)

        Any help is appreciated!
 Andrew Sit                                              phone:  416-944-2977


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