TIFF & ImageMagick bug

TIFF & ImageMagick bug

Post by Kjartan Emils » Mon, 19 Nov 1990 22:19:59

I guess that the following bugs are well known, and I am just stupid enough
to get myself broken versions of these packages, but in principle these
should have been from reliable sources, so I report them anyway, in case
somebody has had the same p a i n trying to trace them out  >:-(

TIFF Bug:  In the file tif_open.c, line 133 and line 196 we have:

Quote:>                       if (!TIFFDefaultDirectory(tif))
>                               goto bad;

But TIFFDefaultDirectory is not defined to return anything.  On my Sparc
it returns always 0 and to bad I went.  Fix it by taking away the condition,
or letting TIFFDefaultDirectory return TRUE.

ImageMagick Bug:  In the filter MIFFtoTIFF in the file MIFFtoTIFF.c
                  at line 248, we have:


This sets the COLORMAP field of the TIFF file, but the actual colormap
entries are not defined until in the next 6 lines, so the TIFF file gets
saved with a colormap with all zeros...  Fix it by moving the above line
down 6 lines, and change 'c' to 'colormap' in the argument list:

Quote:>       ..
>       ..
>       for (i=0 ; i < image->colors; i++)
>               *c++=image->colormap[i].blue << 8;
>       TIFFSetField(file,TIFFTAG_COLORMAP,
>            colormap,colormap+image->colors,colormap+image->colors*2);

                Hope this helps,


Kjartan Pierre Emilsson
Institut Non-lineaire de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis
Parc Valrose


1. potential ImageMagick bug

Hello, all.

I was curious to know if any of you had heard of a peculiar behavior of
montage (the ImageMagick 2.3.5 utility) that could be construed as a

I've been trying to place multiple images up on a page using montage,
and, even when I try using the -dither option, the composite image
seems to alter the colors of the original images just enough to make
there seem to appear alternating darker and lighter vertical color
bands.  At first, I thought it might be just an artifact of my monitor,
but the bands show up in a printed version of the file, too.

Have you heard of this?  Is there some argument I can give with the
-dither option?  I tried using mogrify with the -noise option, but the
image lost too much quality to be usable.  Any suggestions?

While I'm on the topic, do any of you know a good ftp-able package that
will allow me to read in various images and graphically manipulate them
on a page?  Specifically, I need the ability to do stuff like align
objects, set margins, print to file, etc.  I've tried ice, but it
doesn't seem to allow for object alignment and setting margins too

Thanks for the help,



Matthew T. Adams
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
4200 E 9th Ave, C268-68
Denver, CO  80262

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