Format of MS-DOS Dr. HALO graphics files

Format of MS-DOS Dr. HALO graphics files

Post by Alan P. Barre » Wed, 07 Nov 1990 17:56:08

Does anybody know the graphics file format used by the (MS-DOS)
Dr. HALO program?  Please email.

Alan Barrett, Dept. of Electronic Eng., Univ. of Natal, Durban, South Africa


1. PC-Paintbrush, Dr. Halo graphics file formats.

I am looking for a clear description of the PCX graphics file format used
by Z-Soft's PC-Paintbrush program or the PIC file format used by Media
Cybernetics Dr. Halo. I could also use code in any language to read these
formats and reconstruct the original image in the display buffer.

Any help in this direction will be appreciated.

Gordon M. Cressman

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