Version differences between GLX* and GLw*

Version differences between GLX* and GLw*

Post by Avi Bercovic » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 18:57:04

Hi All,

I;m setting my first baby steps in OpenGL/dmLibs programming, and I'm
running into a bunch of function name mismatches when combining various
bits of SGI example code. Specifically when merging




Am I correct in assuming that the GLX* set of functions in VkGLX
pre-dates the GLw set of functions in motifmovie and that the GLW
functions where folded into the GLw functions?




1. Need help with GLw/GLX over Windows NT

I've been trying to port a program that uses OpenGL (or Mesa) and Motif (or
lesstif/OpenMotif) from Unix to
Windows. The program has been tested on Linux, IRIX, Solaris and Tru64Unix
using GLw or MesaGLw.

Over  Windows NT4 I'm using Cygnus GCC and a precompiled version of the X11
and Xm libs for Win32.
Motif/Lesstif programs runs quite well with a Windows Xserver (i.e. Xwin32,
reflectionX and eXcursion), but
Mesa refuses to compile.  After some hacking I get the Mesa libGL.a /
libGLU.a, but any programs
linked against that complains about windows' GDI DLLs.

Has anyone tried something similar? Does something like this make sense to
be included in the Mesa
development effort?

Oscar Chavarro.

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