Never write a VRML file by hand again...

Never write a VRML file by hand again...

Post by Michael Neac » Mon, 22 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Generate VRML programatically from Visual Basic, C/C++, Java Delphi or
even MS Excel! with VRDev.

VRDev is a suite of ActiveX components for MS Windows developers that
will give you access to all VRML 2.0 nodes PLUS over 48
business-oriented proto nodes including HeadsUp Displays, database
connectivity, charts and 3D equivalents of standard user interface
items like radio button groups, sliders, checkboxes and more...

Everyone's used the old WYSIWYG VRML editors, but they don't let you
program dynamic VRML.

With VRDev, you may now write applications that generate dynamic VRML,
driven by database connectivity, user input or interaction with other
COM based applications like those in Microsoft Office.

Check it out...  <>


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