Chaos Editions: IDEA (Internation Directory of Electronic Arts)

Chaos Editions: IDEA (Internation Directory of Electronic Arts)

Post by Ed Stast » Tue, 20 Apr 1993 15:14:40

I've borrowed the 1992-93 version of this book from a friend...holy
moley!  What a wealth of contacts.  Five-hundred pages of information
about electronic artists and organizations around the globe (many have
email addresses).  An up to the minute database of this information is
also available on Minitel (the book's based in France...are there any
Internet=>Minitel gates?).  The book is printed in French and English.

To have you or your organization listed in IDEA, just send your
information to:

Annick Bureaud
57, rue Falguiere
75015 Paris

It's free to be listed in it, I'm not sure how widely distributed the
book is or how much it costs.  I'm not affiliated with them in any way,
I was just impressed by their collection of organizations and artists.
I highly encourage all involved in electronic media (video, music,
graphics, animation, etc.) to send in your entry and encourage them to
make their database available on Internet.


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