Povray 3.01 compilation on SGI Irix 5.3

Povray 3.01 compilation on SGI Irix 5.3

Post by cjc » Fri, 14 Feb 1997 04:00:00

> Hello there,

> I'm having difficulties trying to compilate the povray 3.01
> program for our SGI-systems running Irix 5.3.
> Both Libpng & zlib can't be compilated succesfully and
> the Makefile in the /unix - dir can't find my X11 graphics files
> even when I ordered the program to compile only the text version.
> (I don't have the Xlib.h files anyway on my systems).

> Does anyone have a solution for my problems, or does anyone
> have the binaries (or know where to find 'em) of povray 3.01 for
> Irix 5.3.

> Thanks.

Are you using gcc or cc for the libpng/zlib stuff?.....

As for the X11 problem... change the line in the makefile to

I will try to get time to compile it for 5.3 tonight(thurs feb 13)....
Do you want -mips1 or -mips2?



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