Need web authoring software

Need web authoring software

Post by Mike » Mon, 28 Jul 2003 01:24:59

What are the software options for creating web pages in OS X?  When I
had a PC, I would use Microsoft Publisher.  Although it wasn't great, it
was free with MS Office, was functionally adequate and was WYSIWYG
enough to make it easy to make simple web pages.

What is the equivalent on OS X?  I don't create many pages, so I don't
want to get the high-end software.  Is there something simple for making
tables, links, static graphics and static text?



1. ANNOUNCE: RadMedia Visual Web Authoring Software

RadMedia's New Web Visual Authoring Software- PowerMedia  

We have shipped the final Beta for PowerMedia 2.0- now on Windows95
and NT, Sun, HP, SGI and IBM. MacOS will be coming in 30-60 days.
Go ahead and download or we can send you a CD-ROM.

RadMedia will be launching a major party at InternetWorld May 1st. Let
know if you are interested in coming!

PowerMedia is the first visual Web authoring software for business
communications, presentations, training, demos, and interactive
content and applications.

PowerMedia Features
        * Windows95, WindowsNT and IBM AIX support
        * In-line plug-in for Netscape Navigator and MS Explorer
        * Japanese, German and French language support
        * One-button HTML Publishing- Create web site fast
        * Advanced graphics and multimedia design
        * Post interactive content directly to the Web
        * Improved Web hyperlinking, import and viewing
        * Native MIME support for Web media types
        * Built-in compression for fast download
        * Improved user interface- ToolTips, PowerPalette
        * 10 new image import formats
               JPEG, PICT, TIFF, RBG, BMP, XBM, others
        * Interactive on-line tutorials and documentation
        * Extensive royalty-free ClipMedia libraries

We look forward to working with you to implement exciting PowerMedia
applications in your organization and across the World-Wide Web. Also,
we are shipping the newest 3.0 release of ScreenPlay for delivering
software training and demonstrations which plug-in directly to Netscape
and PowerMedia.

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions.

Jeff Morgan
RadMedia, Inc.

Tel: 415-617-9430
Fax: 415-473-6826

**NOTE** RadMedia has a new website at WWW.RADMEDIA.COM***


Download the software from

Testers with valuable feedback- ie. reproducable crashers and good
feature requests will be eligible to receive free software.

form at

Documentation is on-line- check out the Getting Started Guide and
 the Tips and Tricks. Also, be sure to read the Release Notes and
 ReadMe files.

Please send us your complete contact information. Please let me know
whether you can be quoted by the press or other such folks.

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