Consistent set of Icons/Buttons for Application

Consistent set of Icons/Buttons for Application

Post by Jorg Jank » Sat, 04 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I am looking for a consistent set of button icons for my little application.
In total, there are about 30+ icons in gif format fitting in 20*20 to 28*28

Do you have experience in this "mini" field?
What do you charge?


1. set Application->Icon at run time

How do I set the program's icon (which shows on the taskbar) at run time
from a resource file?  I know if I do


it can load the icon from the icon file but how do I load it from a
resource? I don't see a LoadFromResource for TIcon or TGraphic. Purhaps
I need to use LoadFromStream? how would I do this? Thanks

P.S. I need to do this since there is a bug in ICB (Inprise C++Builder)
     that does not save the app's icon when there is a large resource
     file. If you know another way around I'll take it.

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