Dore' mailing list

Dore' mailing list

Post by Jesse Driv » Sat, 15 Sep 1990 09:03:55

  Hello fellow graphics programmers. I would like to take this opportunity
  to introduce the Dore' mailing list to people who are not aware of it, and
  also specify some goals of having this mailing list.
    Dore' is a high quality 3D graphics subroutine library which handles both
  interactive realtime and photorealistic rendering applications. For the past
  few years portable Dore' source code has been available to academic
  institutions for $250 per license. This modest charge helps offset the price
  for your manuals, postal charges and hotline service. Dore' has a
  much more ambitious goal than most public domain graphics code one might
  scarf off the network. It has the ambition of providing a unifying framework
  around which graphics experts can wrap their renderers, while still being
  easy to use and useful to beginners and other users of graphics technology.
  The other advantage Dore' has is a User's Group, which can influence
  the future directions of software development within this framework.
    I saw Dore' as being a great idea two years ago, and I still do today. A
  framework is needed in graphics, as we have seen X-windows and Phigs become
  more and more important in our world. Dore' does not try and define all of
  graphics as we will know it, just the framework. So we have already seen
  people working within this framework porting Dore' to Suns, SGI's, and adding
  their own renderers. The people who developed and provided Dore' to the rest
  of us made ray tracing accessable to the person who didn't want to write
  their own, and connection interfaces for those who did, and provided an
  installation guide which was easy, and without bugs (for instance, much
  easier than installing X from the MIT distribution in my opinion). There is
  a team of professionals supporting Dore', and they truely believe in what
  they are doing.
    Dore' is object oriented, allowing the the rendering style - gouraud,
  ray-tracing, etc.. - to be set independently of the model definition. For
  instance, a Renderman renderer could be added as a Dore' renderer. High
  level primitives are offered such as spheres , meshes and splines surfaces.
  There is still alot of work to be done, such as adding a radiosity
  renderer, perhaps creating a 3-D Motif widget from the Generic X-window
  Dore' interface, resolving issues as to how object-oriented a graphics
  language should be inorder to preserve efficiency. The Dore' team has been
  tackling these issues one by one and not allowing Dore' to become lopsided
  towards ray-tracing or interactivity, but leaving the framework accessable
  to both.

  The hope is that the Dore' mailing list can serve as a forum for
  constructive suggestions on how Dore' can deal with the current issues
  in graphics. It can also be a place for complaints, although everyone will
  benefit more from the exchange if we try and concentrate on concepts rather
  than too many implementation details and trivial gripes. Looking forward
  to observing interesting ideas pertaining to controversial graphics issues,
  striving to keep graphics technology accessable to us all.
                                                        - Jesse Driver
                                                  Pres. Dore' User's Group


1. 'machine vision'-related mailing list?

does anyone know a mailing list or newsgroup discussing machine
vision?  i've been searching, but i can't find it.
i think there is, i hope.
i wanna know about CCD camera, frame grabber and image handling
software specialized sub-pixel accuracy algorithms.
lighting source, this is a very tough stuff.
i have to choose the light type in LED illumination and halogen
lamp.  anyone knows, or has something to tell me?

i am working in the field of micro BGA(Ball Grid Array) type device
semiconductor visual inspection,  pass/fail decision automation.
so, i have to handle captured images so as to get the dimension of
balls on devices.  and more it has to be sub-pixel accuracy.

i think some of you studied this.  there are many 'veicle license
number plate recogition' sites. but i can't get enough info there.

if anyone knows it, or related web sites, please let me know.
i'm in a big trouble.


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