Advanced Data Visualization Software

Advanced Data Visualization Software

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Principia Mathematica specializes in the development of object-oriented
visualization programming environments and associated tools.

PM-Visualization Studio , a Data Visualization Programming Environment,
designed specifically for the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, this
software extends the power of the Visualization Toolkit for both expert and
new users.

PM-VB Data Visualization Toolkit A component library which can be used to
develop data visualization applications from within the powerful and widely
used Microsoft Visual Basic environment


1. Amira 2.2 - Advanced 3D data visualization

We are pleased to announce the release of Amira 2.2.  Amira is an
advanced visualization and 3D reconstruction software. Demo versions
of Amira 2.2 can be downloaded from the following URLs:


With Amira 2.2 also a developer edition is released (AmiraDev), which
allows the user to extend the system by implementing new modules in
C++. If you are interested in the Amira developer edition, please
contact TGS

Amira is a modern, user-friendly interactive Workbench for researchers
and developers. It offers fascinating new possibilities wherever
3-dimensional data sets occur. State-of-the-art visualization
techniques provide detailed insight into your data.

3D image data can be processed by powerful automatic and interactive
segmentation tools. Novel, fast, and robust reconstruction algorithms
make it easy to create polygonal models from segmented objects. This
makes Amira the ideal tool for research in medicine, biology, and

In addition, true volumetric tetrahedral meshes can be generated,
suitable for advanced finite-element simulations. Simulation results
as well as other data defined on a variety of different grids can be
investigated using a large set of powerful visualization methods.

Supported platforms:

 - Windows NT4/2000, 95/98
 - SGI IRIX 6.5
 - HP-UX 10.20
 - SUN Solaris 2.7
 - Linux RedHat 6.x

Amira is distributed by Template Graphics Software Inc (TGS).
Amira is developed by Indeed - Visual Concepts GmbH and ZIB.
Find details at

The Amira Product Team

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