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Now that I understood how GIF, XWD, PostScript, and SUN raster images can

I need to know how TIFF files can join in with the rest of the standards.

I tried tif2rast and then rastoppm (pbmplus software) but the two seem
incompatible. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks in advance.

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I am convinced that if one has a GIF to TIFF and a TIFF to GIF converter,
that import and export of raster images to a wide range of applications
is possible.

I obtained a copy of tiff.tar.Z from the uunet archives and have been hacking
away trying to get it to work in a SVR3.2 environment. If someone has solved
this problem, I would appreciate your letting me know. Also, if someone has
developed conversion utilities to/from TIFF please let me know.

I will post any usefull information I obtain.


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