Duotones in Pagemaker, HOW?

Duotones in Pagemaker, HOW?

Post by 0396103-deld » Tue, 24 Jan 1995 20:05:09

Does anybody here have experience with importing an EPS file (CYMK or duotone) into Pagemaker 5
on the Mac, and print the correct colorseparations? Is seems that Pagemaker flattens everything
into one layer! The other layers are empty! Who can help?



1. duotone export for import into PageMaker

When exporting a duotone from Photoshop in .eps format for import into
PageMaker for color printing, is it better to set the line screen (when
prompted) in Photoshop or does PageMaker take care of this with global
settings when the document is printed (or does PageMaker print the eps
as defined by Photoshop without overriding the settings)?

If the line screen settings are input in Photoshop, do they have to
match those set in PageMaker for other imported drawings (in this case,
tiff files).

Thanks for any duotone tips.

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