More Graphics Gems

More Graphics Gems

Post by Jim Ar » Sat, 22 Sep 1990 02:37:00

This is a quick note to let everyone know that Academic Press
will be publishing a sequel to the book GRAPHICS GEMS, edited
by Andrew Glassner.  Since Andrew decided to take a breather
from editing books, I'll be doing the horors this time around.
So, if you're interested in contributing a clever graphics
algorithm or insight (i.e. a "Gem") to the new volume, contact
Sari Kalin (the editor at Academic Press) and she'll send you
an author's packet.  Here's the address:

    Sari Kalin
    Academi Press
    955 Massachusetts Ave.
    Cambridge, MA  02139

    tel:   (617) 876-3901

AP wants to get the book out by SIGGRAPH `91, so that means the
schedule is tight.  The submission deadline for first drafts is
November 1, 1990, so don't delay!  Also, I'm sure AP would
appreciate hearing any comments you might have about the first


Jim Arvo
Apollo Systems Division of Hewlett-Packard


1. books: Graphic Gems, Game programming Gems


I'm looking for books on the subject of game development, especially of
graphics and 3D algorithms, and what I've read so far about the "Graphic
Gems" series and the "Game Programming Gems" series looks promising. Only
problem is the pricetags, so I'd like to ask around before buying..

My questions to all who know the books:

Currently there seem to be 3 parts of the "Game Programming Gems". Which
part would be the best to buy? Are they complementary or do the get

Same question about the Graphic Gems... which one would be the best to get?
Is the original "Graphic Gems" still up to date? How outdated are the
algorithms described there? Are these books bound to any special APIs or are
the topics more generic?

Thanks for helping!

bye, thomas stuefe

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