win3.1 clipboard, .clp file convert to anything!

win3.1 clipboard, .clp file convert to anything!

Post by Pete Hur » Sat, 24 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hi world,

I recently had to use the win3.1 clipboard to do a screen grab, which
yeild me something
called .clp.  I cannot get netpbm to deal with it, nor will xpaint, xv
or gimp touch it.

I grepped through the graphics format FAQ, and there is no mention of

I searched through and got nothing (at least nothing
that they
would let me know for free).

I get the feeling that .clp is something so old and obsolete (clipboard
will not save it in
any other format) that it's gotten a new name by now.

Anyone know how to get this .clp into something other than win3.1


Peter L. Hurd,


1. How to convert .CLP (PCPAINT) files ?

Hi Jacques, on 9 Sep 92  (about 6:45:36) yo wrote to All :

 JO> Is there any utility to convert PCPAINT or PICTOR .clp files
 JO> into .gif  (or some other workable format) ?

i think not. but pictor clips are in the following format

 2 bytes width
 2 bytes hight
 and the rest is data without palette info with 8 bits per pixel.

i hope this will help you.


 * Origin:, a prive uucp gate at (27:4331/107.19)

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