your scanner

your scanner

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call UMAX ( no easy matter) get service dealer name nearest you,
I had to send mine off a year ago to a place in DC, around $200 to fix.  They
 were dependable.  Said they got quite a few with the same problem.  You're not


1. Universal Scanner Stand For Flatbed Scanners

Here is information on a new product for desktop publishers that is sure to be
of benefit to you, if  desktop space is of concern.

                                       Universal Scanner Stand

If your Scanner is taking up valuable work space on your desk, then you will
love the new space saving Universal Scanner Stand from MCP Products!  Finally,
a stand specifically designed to raise flatbed scanners off the desk 4", and
create much needed space for supplies or peripherals below.  The Universal
Scanner Stand is made of a unique two leg design, allowing you to store
supplies like paper, toner cartridges, zip drives, or just about anything under
the front or sides of your scanner.  Simply position the sturdy support legs at
each end of the scanner and place your supplies conveniently below.

The Universal Scanner Stand is made of high quality clear acrylic.  Dimensions
of each leg are 13.5"L x 2.5"W x 4"H.  Each leg has two cushioned support pads
to hold the scanner securely in place.   Retail is $19.95 plus $4.00 shipping.
To order call MCP toll free at 888-216-1090 or visit our website at

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