Cross-stitch / embroidery patterns

Cross-stitch / embroidery patterns

Post by Joel Polowi » Tue, 07 Jul 1992 19:47:08

A friend and I were chatting recently and came up with a little problem
that I need a bit of help with: conversion of digitized images to
cross-stitch patterns.  Most of the steps seem fairly straightforward
even to me, a novice at image processing: reduce the image resolution
and the number of colours, re-map to a palette of embroidery floss
colours, output the result in standard pattern format with a cross-
referenced table of floss numbers.  I've accomplished all of the steps
except the last, which I expect to be a bit tedious but not difficult.

But although I can re-map to any palette that I've got, I don't have
colour information about the standard floss colours.  Worse, the local
craft shop tells me that different manufacturers of embroidery floss
don't have a consistent mutual set of colour codes, nor do they make
colour charts available except at a higher cost than I'm willing to
pay just yet.

Does anyone out there have information about standard floss colours,
preferably in some sort of RGB format?  Apparently, in addition to the
project that I started with, it would be a convenient thing if some
sort of cross-referencing chart between flosses made by different
manufacturers was assembled, and if RGB-type information is available
from different manufacturers the creation of such a chart should be
fairly straightforward.

And, of course, if someone else has done this sort of thing long ago,
I'd like to hear about it.  I've been having fun learning about the
image processing, and expect to be learning a bit more about cross-
stitching before I'm through, but I have about a zillion other ways
of spending my copious free time than repeating someone else's work.

which account is not used much but DOES let me post instead of just reading.


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