New Release: mplan - Layout design and Walkthrough package

New Release: mplan - Layout design and Walkthrough package

Post by Dhekne c/o NC » Wed, 25 Aug 1993 19:22:09

        A plant layout design and walkthrough (VR ?) program is
        released -

        ftp site  -
        directory -  /graphics/graphics/packages/mplan
        The files are README and mplan-1.0.tar.Z

        ( thanks to George Kyriazis  and David Camp )

        This program can be used to design, develop any plant
        or building, and move around the scene. It uses heirarchical
        model of assemblies, sub-assemblies and objects. A small
        set of objects is included.

        Here's a part of README file --


            a plant layout design and Walkthrough package.

            mplan-1.0.tar.Z - version 1.0, 18-August-1993.

                 masterPlan  is  a Layout design and Walkthrough
        package. With the help of this package, one  can  design
        and  develop plants, buildings etc. with internal layout
        and equipments. Facilities are provided  to  create  the
        scene  with objects and manipulate them. User can modify
        any of the parametrs to get the desired layout. Once the
        layout  is  prepared,  you can walk in and around it, to
        get the feel of the design. User can interact  with  the
        package with the help of buttons, sliders, counters etc.
        Objects  can  be   defined   with   defferent   material
        properties.  One  can  interactively define new material
        types or  modify  the  existing  ones.  Objects  can  be
        shaded or drawn in wireframe mode.
            The objects can be logically grouped for the ease of
        designing, viewing and manipulating them. Objects    are
        grouped   according  to their funationality, locality or
        any other criteria in to Assemblies.   These  assemblies
        in  turn may be included in the higher order assemblies.
        Thus  we  have  our  data-structure    grouped    in  to
        assemblies,  sub-assemblies    and    objects.  Further,
        these  are organised  into  a  tree   structure,    with
        objects  making   the  leaf  nodes  and  assemblies  and
        sub-assemblies the intermediate nodes. Each assembly and
        object can have its  own  modelling  parameters  like  -
        location, scale and orientation. Modelling parameters of
        an assembly are  applied  to  all  its  constituents  in
        addition  to  their  own  modelling  parameters. One can
        remove a part of this tree and keep in a separate  file,
        to have a library of often used assemblies and objects.

             masterPlan is written on SGI Personal Iris 4d/20GT,
        hardware Z - buffer  and  24 bitplanes, IRIX 3.3.2. Also
        works on IRIX 4.0.1 properly. I have no way  of knowing
        whether it works on other SGI platforms (as I have access
        only to PI 4d/20). I can only hope it works !

                User  interface is designed using Mark Overmar's
        FORMS library.

        Please mail suggestions, modifications, bug reports etc.



Computer Division                       Ph: (91) (022) 5563060 ext: 3672,2405
BARC, Bombay, India                         (91) (022) 5519490


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