PCX format

PCX format

Post by Paul David Bour » Fri, 22 May 1992 09:01:26

I urgently need the descrition of the PCX graphics format.


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I will check, but I believe that Hijaak will do just that. We have
had great success converting PCX files saved at 2000 line resolution
to .GIF using this process and then converting the .GIF files to
.SCD for slide imaging using HiRes-2-Slides. We are currently working
on a direct .PCX to .GIF or .SCD for our next upgrade.

I haven't been reading the messages in this conference for a few
months.. but after reading the first 30-40 messages there is definately
a need for information on available file conversion programs. If
you would like, I would happily compile a list of software programs
that we use and what file formats are supported. Unfortunately, there
doesn't seem to be ONE that does everything.. Hopefully, as we continue
to build our product, we will be able to meet more needs as we see
what those needs are.

I can be reached by voice: (713) 526-2331. Let me know if you are
anyone else would like me to write some sort of compilation of what
we know to be available.

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