Software frame sequence grabber

Software frame sequence grabber

Post by S. Sureshchandr » Sat, 25 Mar 1995 03:28:12

I have written a program which lets you continously, non-interactively grab
frames from the display for SG machines. I wrote it after requesting for
existing tools, and not getting responses. I can't believe it, but even the
"capture" tool which comes along with moviemaker doesn't grab a sequence, but
only a single frame, like snapshot! You would think the need for this facility
is obvious for users not wanting to invest in boards, and not requiring "real"
real-time performance.

My program lets you select initially the whole screen or a portion of it, an
option to dump color or greyscale images, and the prefix of the sequence
(appended by 1,2,3...). You need to allot a minimum time for a frame grab,
about 3 secs for a full frame is what we could get away with. We use it here
for making demos of visual simulations where we can control (slow down) the
play back rate, to still get an interesting sequence. You can then play it
back (after conversion) with movieplayer or animate from ImageMagick (public

Let me know if you are interested (or you know of faster tools!).

S. Sureshchandran
Visual Systems Scientist
Institute for Simulation and Training
3280 Progress Drive
Orlando, Florida 32826

phone: 407 658 5011 (o)
       407 381 4915 (h)
fax  : 407 658 5059 (o)


1. ANNOUNCE: Free software support for Matrox frame grabbers

The Imaging Source, a full service provider for imaging systems,
announces today that it is releasing a free imaging applications and
drivers CD-ROM which supports a wide range of Matrox frame grabbers and
allows users to make all necessary frame grabber adjustments, grab and
display images and save images to the hard disk, without the need to
license the MIL Lite package.

The Imaging Source is an official distributor for Matrox products and
stocks not only their full product line, but also a wide range of
industrial cameras, lenses and accessories.

To read the full story, goto:

And to get your copy of the CD, sent to you for free, goto:


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