4-D Graphics

4-D Graphics

Post by Nimish Sh » Sat, 08 May 1993 05:23:17


I recently read about an ACM award to a school student for " the design
and implementation of a 4-dimensional graphics language ". Can someone
provide with suitable references if the work has appeared in literature?
If not, can someone post the salient features and philosophy of the
4-d gl?

Many thanks,


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I've got an old Trident 8900 graphics card for my PC running MS-DOS and Linux.
On Linux I use X or text. On the MS-DOS side I need Windows speed.

Which graphics card should I get?  I'd like 24-bit graphics in at least /some/
of the modes, and a non-interlace screen up to 1024x768.

The cards I'm looking at are the Dimond Speedstar 24X and the ATI Graphics
UltraPro.  I like to know your input.

BTW:  Is $309.00 too much to pay for a ATI Graphics UltraPro?

Jeffrey E. Hundstad
AS/400 System/Network Adminstrator
Computer Services Box 45
Mankato State University
Mankato Minnesota, USA
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