Indigo Success Story

Indigo Success Story

Post by San Francisco Producti » Wed, 08 Jul 1992 09:29:21

External CD ROM plugs in no problem.  Sytem Manager does all that
point and click style.  You can make a mistake though (mount CD ROM
to directory '/').  Explorer loads on in a few minutes.

My copy came with a photo of Korean watershed and two fish.

Hooked readImage module to DisplayImage module.  Only read the
manual once.  The 'pad' button is new to me.

DisplayImage is great.  You get a palette (workspace) where images
can be dragged around at speeds reminiscent of a Stellar GS1000.
Multiple images are stacked and popped with 'page up' and 'page
down'.  'Snap' outputs what-you-see.

This is great first step to digital compositing.

If you are not familiar with dragging 24bit color maps around go
down to local SGI showroom and try this.

Really would like to see Wavefront .obj reader.  Hill says buildobj
libraries with TAV3.0 would help.

SGI Explorer manuals are in compressed postcript (I think)
on hard drive installed.  Maybe you can by them from SGI,
maybe they should come with the system (although I think compressed
postscript is enough, if a book withought pictures is OK)

Anyway, I am working on 'animation support'.  If you have Explorer
methods for batch and interactive tasks, post.

RLAreader       wavefront frame
RLBreader       wavefront field
PICreader       vertigo frame
A60reader       ethernet file transfer from A60
A60SCSIreader   A60 mounted as scsi device
.obj reader     3D object description - Wavefront 3.0
.extr           Vertigo extrusion format reader, also .cntr

Composite       compose, crop, rotate, dissolve, animate

If you can animate two2D images you have PreView mostly done.

I haven't seen interface, manual, demo, or gizmo
running a video deck (yet).

It should be possible to mirror most effects available on
Grass Valley Switcher and K-Scope, but only with real time

The potential big win with the system I've seen so far are
all indications of running Explorer remotely.  If compute
intensive stuff can be shared out cleanly, it will be a
must have.

Andrew Rose
San Francisco Production Group 415 495 5595

BTW sound support on Indigo is awesome.
What's the big idea calling SGI Explorer and IBM Explorer
are they the same?
quiz: Do you have to write recursive code to compute stack frame
size. Required: portable.


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