Creating graphics for 16 Color MS-Windows Palette

Creating graphics for 16 Color MS-Windows Palette

Post by Jsoeph S. Laughli » Fri, 06 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hi Fellow Mac Users!

Is there a way to create graphics on the Mac that use the 16 color
palette.  I need to create some Icons and things that will go into a MS
WIndows version of a software package, and I'd rather use my Mac to
create them.

If you have any hints, tips, horror stories....



1. Bitmap Color Palette editing-VB4 16 bit 256 color


        Does anyone know how I can edit Bitmap color Palette indexes or
the windows System color Palette.  I need to be able to pull this off
while in 16 bit windows, under 256 colors.  I also need to be able to
edit the color indexes almost instantaneously.
        Or preferably be able to fade or mix bitmaps colors together.
For example if I were to give a flash light effect to a dark room.  Or
the other way around as in shading a lighted room. I also need to work
with more then just black.  I hope to be able to apparently combine a
good number of colors together.  I used to be able to do this with 24
bit color.  I would use BitBlt to PAINT bitmaps onto other bitmaps
without masks, this would give sort of a ghostly effect or a lighted
effect.  I found that not to many people use more then 256 colors
though.  I also found that you can give this effect with 32 bit DLLs,
but I can't use PC speaker sounds with 32 bit DLLs.
        So, I hope some one can expand my knowledge on how bitmap colors
work in relation to each other, while in 16 bit windows, 256 colors.
Right now I just using VB 4.0 pro.

I would appreciate a decent quick example or two.

thanks in advance

    Sean ...

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