Question re. VGA card

Question re. VGA card

Post by Andrew Whi » Sun, 16 Sep 1990 08:47:37

I have a Ventura 16-bit VGA card with 1MB of video memory.  However, when I
try to display a resolution of greater than 320 x 200 in 256 colors, I get
an incomplete picture.  It is as if the first 1/4 and the third 1/4 of the
picture are shown with the areas in between black.  I have disable video
ram shadowing with no success.  I am running it on a 386SX motherboard
with Phoenix bios.  Oh yeah, the card uses the TSENG chip set.  I also
checked that card; it *does* have a MB of DRAM.

Please e-mail with possible solutions.



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        I would like to know HOW I could detect if the computer on wich my program
is running have a simple VGA card that  could do mode 13h 320x200 256

        Is there a function I could call to test or a memory location to look to?

        Please help me by sending me an email...


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