Great Oppurtunity

Great Oppurtunity

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1. Employment Oppurtunities in Naples, FL

Employment oppurtunites at whOOdoo Studios

whOOdoo Studios is undergoing explosive growth and is looking to hire 4
programmers and 3 graphic artists over the next several months.  Below is a
list of the positions.  All positions are full-time and are located in
Naples, FL.  To respond, indicate which position you are applying for and


------------------ Programmers ------------------
a) Sr. SQL/Web/Visual Basic Programmer (1 position)
 This position requires in-depth knowledge of Microsoft SQL 6.5/7.0,
particularly in database design, replication and Transact-SQL.  Knowledge of
Microsoft's Active Server Pages and of programming Active Data Objects in
Visual Basic and VBScript is required.  Additional requirements for this
position include routine maintenance of servers running SQL/IIS 4.0 and
project oversight involving 2 or 3 junior team members.

b) Jr. to Intermediate ASP/HTML/JScript/VBScript and Visual Basic
programmers (3 positions)
 This position requires on-the-job experience programming with ASP
(primarily with VBScript).  Intermediate programmers will also have had
experience designing software in visual Basic and have had experience using
Active Data Objects.  Experience with JavaScript, JAVA, CDML, CGI, Perl or
other server-side scripting languages is a bonus.  Familiarity with
Microsoft Interdev 6.0 is desired.

------------------ Graphic Artists ------------------

a) Graphic Artist (3 positions)
 This position entails the use of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Gif Animator
and other graphic design tools for the layout and design of graphics
optimized for the web.  Knowledge Microsoft Front Page and the HTML design
process is a bonus.  The position demands an attention to detail and the
ability to craft eye-appealing graphics quickly and efficiently.
PC-experience is required.

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8. Employment Oppurtunities in Naples, FL

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