Graphics Packages for HP 9000 series

Graphics Packages for HP 9000 series

Post by Justin Sulliv » Sun, 07 Aug 1994 00:39:34

 Hi all!

 Out of near-desparation, I would like to get someone's input on
graphics and presentation packages available for the HP 9000 platform.
We've tried demos of many programs, namely CorelDRAW/CHART/SHOW/PAINT
3.0 for UNIX and Ovation (presentation package), but I can't seem to
find much else in the way of commercial packages for our platform, and I
would really appreciate some input.

 We normally use freeware stuff, like ImageMagick package, xv, xfig and
xpaint, which are our main applications. I'd like to learn about
anything else in the way of graphics (drawing and image editing),
presentation packages and stuff for video animation (hardware included).
A lot to ask, but I'm sure some knowledgeable type can help me out.



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I need a program to do a screen-dump from an HP9000c320.  The images are
being done in gray-scale.  The hard-copy devices I have to choose from
are an Apple Laserwriter Plus, an HP Laserjet, and a QMS Laserprinter.
The software should be free and I need source.

P. Allen Jensen
Georgia Tech, School of Electrical Engineering, Atlanta, GA  30332-0250
USENET: ...!{allegra,hplabs,ihnp4,ulysses}!gatech!gt-eedsp!jensen

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