Need Floyd-Steinberg dither example

Need Floyd-Steinberg dither example

Post by Mark Co » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 02:29:00

Well, this time, it's an example of the Floyd-Steinberg error diffusion
algorithm.  I'm trying to convert 8-bit pseudo-color images into dithered
black and white images, suitable for output on a laser printer.  Any
references/pointers are greatly appreciated.


        Mark F. Cook

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P.S.  I've already got a copy of "Digital Halftoning" by Robert Ulichney,
but since I have no experience with Fourier Transforms, I'm not having
much luck in extracting enough information to generate a subroutine that


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I am currently developing an image display widget under X11R4.  I have a
need to perform image dithering when the widget's display does not support
the number of colors needed to accurately show the image.  I have
come across the Floyd-Steinberg method in the source code for xv and the
pbmplus package.  The algorithm looks like it does what I need, but I am
interested in reading any papers which discuss the algorithm.  Could someone
mail me or post references where this algorithm is discussed?  Any help
would be greatly appreciated.



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