ANNOUNCE: POV for IRIX 5.3 is here

ANNOUNCE: POV for IRIX 5.3 is here

Post by Andy Wardle » Tue, 23 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Let me firstly how grateful I am to all the POV-Team for their
hard work in getting POV 3.00 released.  Thanks to Andreas for
the UNIX version which I have downloaded and compiled for SGI
IRIX 5.3.

I've created a complete binary distribution which includes an
X-Windows binary, a text-only binary, all the documentation
(including a pre-formatted man page for IRIX users without
nroff), scene files, include files and demo files.  This is
in comformance with the distribution requirements set out in
povlegal.doc (which is also included, naturally).

I've uploaded it to

although Chris may move it somewhere else in due course.  I've
also made it available on our own ftp site:

but please note that this server is based in the UK so is better
suited for European downloads.




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Hi All,

Im looking for a Pov binay + assoc libs for Irix 5.3.  Alternatively,
anyone have the IDO, and Ill compile it myself!  Any help would be
appreciated.  Thanks.

|   Geoff Koehler                  |
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