a JASC patch-PSP7.4 and FP filter help 2 - filter works

a JASC patch-PSP7.4 and FP filter help 2 - filter works

Post by cobb » Thu, 20 Sep 2001 09:59:40

JASC sent me a patch to Virtual Painter
not sure why updating the vp would have any effect on Flaming Pears Lacquer
filter (which btw is the only filter that was causing a crash to PSP7.4 for

File size info with 384megs ram -
4800x3600 at 300dpi 49.5 megs
And Lacquer filter not causing a crash of PSP7.4
 If you are having problems with the Lacquer filter with large image files
and have enough ram memory the patch might help.


1. PSP7.4 and FP filter help?

The Lacquer filter from FP that comes with PSP7.4 is crashing PSP when I run
it. I have contacted JASC and they said to get more RAM. OK then why did the
Lacquer filter from FP work with PSP6.02 with the following image size
4800x3600 at 300dpi 49.5 megs file size
and I have 384megs of ram
The question is why worked in PSP6.02 and not in PSP7.4 and if more ram is
needed then it takes about 300megs to run filter whereas PSP6.02 did not
need it.

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