Transverter PI: Release & 20% off offer

Transverter PI: Release & 20% off offer

Post by Shane Look » Fri, 18 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Announcing Transverter PI

Internet Pricing Special

Transverter PI is our new suite of PostScript  solutions for Quark,
Photoshop, Debabilizer, Fractal Painter, and Live Picture.


Graphics professionals -- get a suite of PostScript solutions that includes
a set of Plug-in's and a Quark XTension in a single package.  The product,
"Transverter PI", brings PostScript rasterizing to Photoshop, Debabilizer,
Live Picture, and Fractal Painter via plug-in technology.  These
applications gain the ability to rasterize (RIP) and import EPS, Adobe
Acrobat PDF, and multipage PostScript files.  For Quark users we have an
XTension that will RIP document pages to files compatible with Photoshop
and into web-ready graphics.

Quark users that want to render a page can do so right from within XPress
using Transverter PI's Level 2 interpreter.  Output options include making
TIFF, JPEG and GIF files with six levels of user selectable antialiasing.

The plug-ins bring PostScript support to Photoshop, Live Picture an Fractal
Painter.  Transverter PI gives Photoshop 4.0 users, beyond the current
EPS-only rasterizing capability, the ability to work with multipage
PostScript files and Acrobat PDF files for import and editing.  Live
Picture owners can rasterize to IVUE format and Painter users can rasterize
files to RGB with an alpha channel mask.

Debabilizer from Equilibrium easily handles dozens of raster file formats
but to date has not provided PostScript support.  TechPool's plug-in
offering lets EPS images be fully integrated into Dababilizer's work flow
including batch processing.  In addition, the PostScript plug-in lets you
choose individual pages from Acrobat PDF and multipage PostScript files to
work with.


Visit our Web site and download a demo version of Transverter PI. You can
also download an Adobe Acrobat version of the manual, and other TechPool


By mentioning this announcement you can purchase "Transverter PI" for just
US$199.00 -- 20% off the US$249.00 list price! You must mention the
INTERNET offer when you order and this offer expires May 16th, 1997.

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