TP 6.0 graphics-tool

TP 6.0 graphics-tool

Post by Harald Schmi » Fri, 26 Mar 1993 21:57:08

I'm looking for a tool under turbo pascal 6.0, which allows me to save and printgraphs. I also would be fond of any help that could show me how to write such a thing myself. For exchange I could offer a BGI driver for the 256 colors mode at
any resolution(VGA needed and not all cards supported, but the most common ones)Thanx for your help and enjoy yourselfs

Bye Harald.

P.S.:you are kindly asked to leave your viruses at home


1. read graphics file into TP 6.0 (how?)

Hi there,
I'm programming in Turbo Pascal 6.0 and I want to load and show a graphics
file (.wpg or other format) to my screen (in VGA mode).  The graphic should be
put on the screen in the graphics mode of TP 6.0 because I have to draw on top
of it (Using the Bar and Line procedures).
Does anyone know of a way to do this??? Which file format can I use best?
Or is there a way to read a .bmp or other format directly into TP and put on
the screen?
If  anyone has a solution (or knows where to find it), please send a mail to:

Thanks in advance.

Gert-Henk Bakker
Ptt Research Leidschendam

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