Anybody using QuickDraw3D on Mac?

Anybody using QuickDraw3D on Mac?

Post by Ray D. Zimmerm » Sat, 04 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Just interested in making some contacts.  I'm working on visualization for
electric power systems using QuickDraw3D on a Power Mac.

               :::  phone: (607) 255-9645   ::: Cornell University
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1. Anybody used a Muztek scanner on a Mac?

: Has anybody used a Muztek scanner on a Mac?  They are sold at Costco for
: a quite low price, and the specs seem okay.  I'm wondering about the
: quality, though, since I've never heard of them and they are so
: inexpensive.

: Thanks,

: Jay

Yep. Bought one from PriceCostco. $479. Includes ColorIt!
by MicroFrontier, the MusTek plugin, and the OCR by Omnipage.

It's a 400x800 optical, 8.5 by 14 single pass scanner.
30 Bit color, 10 bit greyscale.

The first (bad) experience was right out of the box. It included
a scsi cable, but no scsi terminator. In looking around town, I
apparently was the first person in 3 years to go looking for a
50 pin centronix scsi terminator. Fortunately for me, I had some
extras on hand at work. A 60 mile round trip for a terminator...

Once I got it all plugged in and running, I kept having problems
with it hanging the '040 mac (Performa 578, 8Mb) when I'd run
a prescan the second time. I'm finding that there is no substitute
for real ram. Turned off that virtual memory, and so far, no more
hangs on prescan. I do get a crash on occasion tho, after several
scans. I suspect it just eats up all the memory after a while.
(Ever heard of memory leaks?...)

ColorIt! doesn't have a jpeg export, tiff seems to be the most
common format outside of the Mac's pict world. I have prompted
both the net on and MicroFrontier regarding
this issue.

Other than that, we have been at the level of "Somewhat satisfied"
with the purchase.

If you would like to hear more, send me e-mail.

--Crossposted to,comp.sys.mac.hardware.misc --

--Bruce McAlary, Wilsonville, Oregon.

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