selection box

selection box

Post by Thomas Hallo » Tue, 22 Jul 1997 04:00:00

hi, i am writing a program than needs some sort of selection box that is
moveable in real time, like with handles or something. i have attempted to
write such an object, but could not get some bugs worked out. if no such
code exists for public domain, maybe someone could help me wrestle out my

Thomas Hallock


1. Bitmap selection box

I am writing an MS Windows based bitmap display routine (actually translating
one I wrote some time ago in X11) and need some help with a selection box.
i.e. for cropping, zooming etc.  I would appreciate it if someone could direct
me to some public domain C source or a book that discusses a technique (showing
source)   Thank you in advance.  BTW if others are interested, I will re-post
a summary.

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