Need place to stay for SIGGRAPH '92

Need place to stay for SIGGRAPH '92

Post by R. A. Naray » Sun, 12 Jul 1992 08:13:41

Hello folks,

I would like to share a room at Chicago for the duration of the
Siggraph'92 exhibition. Please contact me at the e-mail address below or
call (406) 587 - 7082 if you would too.



1. SIGGRAPH '92 Roommate needed

I have a room booked for Wednesday and Thrusday nights
at the Congress Hotel at $90/night.

I'm looking to split the bill with a male non-smoker.

Greg Shannon
Computer Science
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana

P.S. If you're in Indianapolis or at Purdue,
     I can give you a ride to Chicago then too.

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