World Movers

World Movers

Post by Maan M. Hamz » Thu, 16 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I received the following announcement:


World Movers, the first VRML 2.0 Developer Conference, will be held on
January 30 and 31 at the ANA Hotel in San Francisco, CA. Have you
signed up yet?

At World Movers you will:

- Select from sessions in three key tracks over two days
  - Content Creation
  - Business Applications of VRML
  - Future Directions and Current Technologies
- Learn how to create great VRML 2.0 content and applications
- See and learn about real applications that use VRML
- Find out about the latest tools for VRML 2.0

With a pan-industry advisory board and a wide array of hosts and
participants, World Movers will give you a complete picture of VRML 2.0
content and applications from all perspectives.

Register by calling (800)488-2883 or (415)578-6900, or go online at

Maan M. Hamze


1. EPS Mover 1.0.2 Released

MOVER 1.0.2

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA, April 2, 1999 - Art Age Software today released EPS
Mover 1.0.2, the newest addition to its line of utility applications for

EPS Mover gives Macintosh users the power to convert the preview of any valid
EPS file from one format to another, eliminating cross-platform EPS hassles. By
supporting conversions among PICT, TIFF and EPSI preview formats, EPS Mover
allows Macintosh users to place and view a PC, UNIX or Macintosh EPS file in
any application that supports placement of EPS files. With EPS Mover, as long
as an EPS file contains a preview (PICT, TIFF or EPSI), there is no longer any
need to print it to see what is inside the "gray box."

EPS Mover can also strip the preview from an EPS file. So, if an EPS file has a
damaged preview, EPS Mover offers a cost-effective and elegant solution.

EPS Mover further enhances the cross-platform utility of EPS files by enabling
users to convert line termination. A file's line termination determines how the
lines of PostScript code will be displayed in a text editor. By customizing an
EPS files' line termination, users can more easily read EPS files in text
editors on Macintosh, PC and Unix platforms. This becomes very valuable when
lines of PostScript need to be edited manually.

Although EPS Mover runs only on Macintosh, its impact extends beyond the
Macintosh market as Macintosh users can prepare EPS files for use on PCs and
UNIX machines.

EPS Mover requires a Macintosh computer with a PowerPC processor running System
7.0 or later. The application is distributed electronically and can be
downloaded for 30-day trial from the Art Age Software web site,, or from a variety of other online sources. The
cost is $14.95 per copy.


Art Age Software was founded with the goal of delivering elegant software
solutions to specific real-world computing problems. We heartily embrace the
notion that when it comes to software, "less is more." If a particular feature
is not obviously and instantly useful to 90% of a product's users, then we
believe it should not be occupying their precious RAM and disk space, or
cluttering up the product's human interface.

Art Age Software has gained the reputation as a leading developer of quality
shareware utilities for Macintosh. In addition to EPS Factory, its line of
award-winning EPS shareware utilities includes epsConverter, EPStoPICT and EPS

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