Wanted : SIMPLE slide show program

Wanted : SIMPLE slide show program

Post by Arthur S. Cover » Mon, 28 Jul 1997 04:00:00

For an old ATARI I have a program GIFSHOW, which when executed displays all GIF
files in the same directory.  The user can control to a degree the time of display,
pause and continue.   I would like to find something of equivalent simplicity for

I also have an old DOS progam CSHOWS, which is more versatile but require a script
listing the files to be displayed.

I would be grateful to anyone who can point me in the direction of what I want,
either in this forum or by E_mail


1. Beta Testers wanted for Cataloguing and Slide Show Program

CyWarp is seeking beta testers for CyPics Version 1, Image Cataloguing and
Slide Show Program.


When we set out to design CyPics we wanted to create a windows based program
that could properly manage tens of thousands of electronic images spread
over many removable volumes. It had to have strong cataloguing and search
capabilities. We believed a single image would often belong in many
photograph groupings. We were committed to the concept of the PC as the
media to manage and play a slide show.

The program had to be easy to use through a deceptively simple interface
which does not compromise the power of the system. Innovation was the key to
the file registration process with a single minded goal of making it fast
and minimizing the labor intensity of the process. Newly registered images
had to be dynamically included in existing photograph albums as against
static albums that require each new image to be physically added.

There is a commitment that it is your information that you enter into our
program, so you must be able to get your information out.  Information
entered is accessible through the use of a common database format, that is
Microsoft Access. MS Access software is not required on the computer,
however power users with it can manipulate their information store with MS
Access. For those without MS Access the image registration information is
accessible via an XML export function.

As there is already a plethora of excellent graphic image editors available,
we could see little point in creating one more. Instead we allow you to
manipulate your images through your existing specialist external graphics
programs selecting the right one for each job.


Please consult our web site at http://www.cywarp.com/Products.htm


We view our beta testing as an extremely important part of our development
cycle. Ideally we are seeking beta testers with the time to do reasonable
testing and who have a need for a program like ours.

To apply to join the beta test program please go to:

Beta testers who complete the beta program and who complete the beta
appraisal form will be offered free registration to the standard edition of

We expect the beta program to commence within a few days and run to early

Thank you for your time.


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