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  I would have responded to your e-mail with e-mail, but my system refused
to acknowledge your name. Here is your reply.

TL> Lessee here, JPEG lossy compression = bad.  GIFLITE lossy compression =
TL> good. Your argument does not hold water, friend.

I think you misunderstood what I have said.

TL> Or are you really arguing that the variable compression
TL> capability should not have been made accessible to users because some
TL> people would misuse it?

In that point, I simply argued that it HAS been misused and will continue to
be. I also argued that one way GIFLITE is superior to JPEG in that is does not
require a great deal of time to convert it into a format that can be easily

You should see the performance monitor on the Sequent when I peg all 24
CPU's at 100% when I go converting JPG's to GIF. Or the extensive time it
takes on my PC, for that matter.

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Command line, or linkable code is perferred.

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