PHIGS shading

PHIGS shading

Post by Holland D » Sat, 07 Mar 1992 21:46:57

We have just obtained DEC's version of PHIGS, with the C bindings,
here at Essex. The manuals which came with it are like most manuals:
they tell you exactly how to do something as long as you already
knew how to do it anyway! The only book we have looked at is
"A primer for PHIGS", Hopgood and Duce, Wiley.
This reference has FORTRAN bindings and is mainly concerned with
2D applications, so it isn't ideal for what we require: a detailed
description of the various ways solids can be shaded using PHIGS
Things we need to know are:
-which of the PHIGS function calls are needed to set up a colour table?
-which calls are needed to do, say, Gouraud shading of a unit sphere?
If anyone out there has any references which would be useful, or better
still, if any of you have some simple PHIGS code to shade a unit sphere,
(just the relevant PHIGS function calls would do) please would you mail


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