Fast rasterization algorithms sought

Fast rasterization algorithms sought

Post by Stuart Celari » Fri, 01 Mar 1991 08:10:49

I am looking for references (etc.) for fast rasterization (scan conversion)
of basic two dimensional objects (lines, circles, ellipses, splines, etc.)

I have been looking into the recent work of Ronke, Wu, et al. (e.g., "Fast Line
Scan-Conversion", ACM Trans. Graph., v.9, No. 4, Oct. 1990, p.376).  Other
approaches would be greatly appreciated.

The above authors are at U of Calgary and U of Western Ontario (resp.), would
anyone have email addresses for them.

Thanks in advance! (Uh, references for "Fundamentals of Interactive Computer
Graphics", Foley & Van Dam, need not apply :-)


1. Fast 3D algorithm: seeks HSR algorithms for graphic images


I've been toying with an algorithm for 3D graphics which promises to be
very fast.  It takes a simple approach, where all "faces" of an object must
be triangles and no intersections between faces may occur.  I'd like to
create an environment where 3D "objects" can be manipulated and transformed
about, and where each object can have "children" objects that go along for
the ride...when the parent is rotated, the child is rotated relative to
its placement within its parent, plus the child can be transformed itself.
Rotation in three ways and perspective will be supported, plus scaling of
the overall "scene" and compensation for the aspect ratio.  The algorithm
already removes the faces which are facing away from the viewer.

Here's my results so far: on a DX2-66 running MS-DOS I've been able to
perform the coordinate calculations for approximately 80,000 triangles
per second.  This doesn't include hidden face removal or drawing on the
screen, but it still seems to me to be nothing to sneeze at!  The weird
thing is that so far the entire thing is coded in C++ (that's right...
no assembly code!) and I predict at least a 2X speed increase when I
do so.  This is definitely something that could be used as a real-time
engine for generating 3D animation.

Natch, that's only half the problem - hidden face removal comes next,
followed by actually drawing the scene.  My final goal is to develop a
system which is capable of animating 1000 faces at 30 frames/sec
on a 256 color display.  Or 2000 faces at 15 frames/sec.  Or faster!

Hidden face removal is something I'm looking for assistance and suggestions
with.  If you have any ideas or experience, or would like to trade a really
zippy algorithm for my equally zippy algorithm, just drop me a line.
I've looked into things like z-buffer (too much memory), sorting the
faces by distance (too slow), etc, etc.  Let me know what works well in
your experience to accomodate medium memory requirements (say...under 1Meg)
and really fast results.

I plan to have this project (the animation engine) finished by year end,
and at that time make it available as freeware.  I'd also like to support
an interface for creating objects to be displayed, but perhaps someone
out there already has an interface that they'd like to slap a new back
end on?  I'd love to collaborate on this to get something fun up and
running in the next couple of months.  Get in touch!

        Dennis Marer

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