TrueType Fonts in Borland C, extended graphics library?

TrueType Fonts in Borland C, extended graphics library?

Post by Sebastian Lisk » Sat, 13 Nov 1993 02:06:43

    Hello everyone,

    I am writing a program in C, compiling it with Borland C++ 3.1
    and using its BGI graphics library, but I find the available
    functions leave much to be desired.  What disturbs me most is
    the poor fonts system, which really shows when you try to
    enlarge a font.  I could design my own fonts but that would only
    solve the problem half-way.  The trouble is that Borland's fonts
    are defined as outlines consisting of straight lines, while
    actually they should be filled areas with curved boundaries.

    What I would really like would be an opportunity to use TrueType
    fonts as they are provided with Windows, but I am not writing
    the program for Windows nor do I have the Windows version of
    Borland C++ available.  I would want a generally more extensive
    graphics library, too.  If you can help me or point me to
    another newsgroup/anything it would be much appreciated.


    Sebastian Lisken